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Visitor Centre:
Shire Office
Phone: 08 9825 3555
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Tambellup has an amazing pioneering past. The first people who came to Tambellup were sandalwood cutters, you had to work hard to make a quid.
Tambellup also has strong links with Noongar culture and there are many significant sites in the area, especially around the Gordon River.
Tambellup Heritage Trail
A series of three inter-connecting trails that starts in the centre of town and takes in much of the history of the early settlement. 
Corner Shop Museum
Situated in the old Stationmaster’s House. Rooms have been re-created, using furniture and artefacts of by-gone years.
Railway Water Tank
One of the few remaining links to the days when the Great Southern depended on steam trains.
Lake Toolbrunup and the Toolbrunup School
Now 100 years old, the cricket pitch is still used on family picnics. With original blackboard and desks, the school is kept preserved by a team of dedicated locals.
Saggers Pool
A great picnic site, there was once an old boat shed and boat races used to be held.