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Stirling Range

Visitor Centre:
Stirling Range National Park
85kms NE Albany – large regional town, 1 hours drive.
63km S Gnowangerup – IGA, Police, Post Office, Fuel, Community Resource Centre.
30km S Borden – General Store, Post Office. No Fuel.
Closest Fuel Stop to the Stirling Ranges – Amelup Roadhouse, Nr Chester Pass Rd & Salt River Rd.
National Heritage listed Stirling Range National Park offers nature lovers a wonderful opportunity to explore a mountain range in its natural state.
This rugged mountain range stretches 65kms east-west and rises spectacularly out of the surrounding plains to a height of 1095m above sea level.
Wildflowers: The Stirling Range has over 1,500 plant species including 125 orchids and 9 endemic mountain bells. Spring commences mid August with the flowering of the Queen of Sheba Orchid and lasts through to December on the peaks. Walkers will be surprised to discover flowers any time of the year.
The beautiful, ever changing scenery provides wonderful photographic and painting opportunities while the range offers mountain walks for families and experienced hikers.
Mountain of Mystery - Bluff Knoll (1095m), Tollbrunup (1052m), Mt Trio (856m), Talyuberlup (783m), Mt Magog (856m), Mt Hassel (847m). Note: for rock climbing and abseiling provide own gear. Drives - The most scenic circuit through the Stirling Range takes you along Salt River Road, Red Gum Pass, Stirling Range Drive, Chester Pass Road, Formby South Road and the Bluff Knoll Drive.