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Port Gregory

Port Gregory is a picturesque fishing village, featuring a clean safe beach for bathers, a natural harbour surrounded by a 5km exposed reef, a large jetty and water-ski area.
Jetty and offshore fishing, swimming, diving, wind-surfing and sand boarding are popular activities. Port Gregory is also recognised as a popular area for rock lobsters.
Today, Port Gregory is a far more pleasant place than its early history. In 1853 a convict hiring depot was established at Lynton to supply labour for the newly established Geraldine lead mine and pastoralists in the area. The depot served as an employment agency where “ticket of leave” holders could be employed by private enterprise. The ruins of the stone buildings and the depot still stand with the Commandant Captain Sanford’s house set into the hillside above the buildings of Lynton Station being the most imposing. These historical remnants are today being restored to their former glory.
Pink Lake
The colour of the lagoon is due to a bacteria (Dunaliella salina) trapped in the salt granules; this provides a rich source of Beta Carotene, which is harvested from small ponds. As the sun sinks, the lagoon changes colour from mauve or pink to a slightly darker purple.