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Porongurup Range

Visitor Centre:
Porongurup Range An Island of Karri
Porongurup National ParkBolganup Rd, Mt Barker
Phone: (08) 9853 1095
Visitor website:
Rising majestically from the surrounding farmland this ancient forest covered mountain range is rich in rugged beauty and lush natural landscapes.
The granite, from which the Porongurup Range is formed, is more than 1,100 million years old and has been exposed by the slow weathering of the surrounding softer rock to create massive rock outcrops and peaks.

The karri trees, which cover the upper slopes of the Range, are the eastern-most karri forest in Australia. An abundance of plant and animal life co-exist with these majestic trees, delighting animal lovers, bird watchers and photographers alike.
Botanists and wildflower enthusiasts from around the globe are lured to Porongurup Range to capture the beauty of over 700 species of flowering plants, some of which are rare, endemic or endangered. The climate is gentle all year round and there is always something to see.
A wide variety of facilities exist. A choice of scenic drives enables you to make the most of your visit and will introduce you to the best the Porongurup Range has to offer. Classic picnic spots, boutique wineries, art galleries, craft outlets, quality restaurants and cafés.
For the more energetic there is a wide range of walk trails on offer suitable for occasional strollers up to experienced rock climbers and abseilers.
Porongurup Range Walks
Walking is a great way to discover the park and you will be rewarded with some of the most inspirational views in the south west.
• Castle Rock - 2hrs, 1.5kms
• Wansbrough Walk - 2hrs, 4kms
• Devil’s Slide & Marmabup Rock - 3hrs, 2.5kms
• Hayward & Nancy Peaks - 3hrs, 5.5kms
• Granite Skywalk
• Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve
If you are considering a visit during late February to early March, join in the festival where wine, food, entertainment, stalls and country hospitality awaits. The Porongurup features as well a sculptural exhibition in April and a wildflower exhibition early October. Art in the Park is held from Easter Saturday for eight days at the Castle Rock picnic area.