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Visitor Centre:
Pemberton Tourist Centre
Brockman St, Pemberton
Phone: (08) 9776 1133
Pemberton is now a popular holiday destination for many intrastate, interstate and international visitors alike. An unknown fact is that there are more wine grapes grown in the Pemberton area that there are in the well known Margaret River wine region, such is the ideal climate for cool region wines. Apart from wine grapes, the area grows the most avocados in Australia and takes advantage of an early harvest season to supply the needs of buyers in the Northern hemisphere.
The fertile soil and ample water of the Pemberton area attracted its first settler, Edward Brockman, son of Perth’s first mayor. In 1861, Brockman chose Pemberton as an ideal environment to start breeding horses. Subsequently, many of these horses were exported to India. He and his wife, Capel Bussell, raised nine children. Mr Pemberton Walcott, a pioneer who arrived in 1862, gave the town its name.
The superb strength of karri made it an obvious choice for sleepers on the Trans-Australian Railway Line. In 1913, timber mills were established in Pemberton to supply and cut half a million sleepers for the line. Many of the karri sleepers were used in the first stage of development of the London Underground and a great many other railway lines the UK.
Gloucester Tree
The 153 rungs spiral dizzily
to the viewing platform 60m
above. The most popular of the
climbing trees and only a short
drive from Pemberton town. A
truly magnificent view!
Warren National Park
One of the best examples of
“virgin Karri forests” in the
region to visit; the Dave Evans
Bicentennial Tree is the tallest
of the three climbing tree in
the region.
The Yeagerup Sand dunes in
the D’Entrecasteaux National
Park can be seen in the distance
if you climb to the top.
Beedelup Falls
The falls are spectacular in
winter. In spring you can see
some of the best wildflower
scenes in the area. There is
good sealed access for caravans
and buses. The suspension
bridge spanning the falls is a
popular feature.
Brockman Saw Pit
A restored 1865 sawpit (for
lengthwise sawing of giant logs
by hand). The saw logs and
sawn lengths are about 100
years old.