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Explore Town


Visitor Centre:
Ongerup Roadhouse or Yongergnow Centre
Phone: 08 9828 2042
Tourist information is available from the Ongerup Roadhouse on 9828 2042.
Ongerup is derived from the Aboriginal words “yonger” (kangaroo) and “up” (place of). Although the area’s main income is from cereal and sheep farming, large remnants of bush remain in the district.
Main street sculptures commemorate the town’s centenary 1912-2012.
Tourist information is available from Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre on 9828 2325.
Ongerup Museum and Wildflower Display
Yongergnow’s café offers home-made light lunches, cakes, coffee, ice-cream, cold drinks.  Takeaway coffee and pies at the General Store.
The museum displays Aboriginal food, historical machinery and a collection of local historical items in the old railway barracks. In late September, early October view the magnificent display of local wildflowers for which the area is renowned. Located in Eldridge Street it is open on request, contact Vicki O’Neill on 9828 2282.
Ongerup Community Resource Centre
Fast internet access, mini photo kiosk, Centrelink & Medicare access, printing/admin needs. Contact
9828 2325 or Located in Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre in Jaekel Street.
Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre is a community owned and operated centre for community, culture and conservation, focusing on the conservation of the endangered Malleefowl and its habitat.
Located in Jaekel Street, the award-winning eco-tourism centre offers the rare opportunity to watch Malleefowl in a large natural bush aviary. The world-class interpretive display invites you to discover 40 million years of mallee history and the Malleefowl’s fascinating breeding biology. These birds build a large incubator mound of soil and leaf-litter and the composting material in the mound creates warmth to incubate the eggs.
The Malleefowl is listed as rare or likely to become extinct under the WA Wildlife Act. Yongergnow’s staff are happy to answer your questions and tell you how you can help this unique species survive.
Ongerup Community Resource Centre
Fast internet access – free if accessing a WA govt website; photo printing; Dpt. Human Services - Centrelink access; Telstra recharge cards, accessories & handsets; printing; stamps; stationery. Located at Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre in Jaekel St. 9828 2325 or