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Visitor Centre:
Norseman Visitor Centre
Robert Street, Norseman
Phone: (08) 9039 1071
Visitor website:
Returning from the
Coolgardie goldfields,
prospector Laurie Sinclair
decided to stop off at Dundas
to see his brother and his
partner, Allsop. As legend
goes, Laurie’s horse, ‘Hardy
Norseman’, pawed the ground
uncovering a large nugget.
This eventually led Sinclair to
discover the rich reef which he
called ‘Norseman’. The town of Norseman is a
prosperous mining town with
over 5 million ounces of gold
having been extracted from the
fields, making it accumulatively
the second richest goldfield in
WA. Norseman is known as the
‘Gateway to the West’, a welcome
oasis for many travellers.
The Heritage Trail is the
original route taken by Cobb
& Co. at the turn of the
century. The trail meanders
through bushland to Dundas,
the original town site, finishing
at a lone grave on the edge of
Lake Dundas.
Historical Museum
Formerly the School
of Mines, visit this newly
renovated and restored museum
housing a vast collection of
pioneer, historical and mining
exhibits inside and outside.
Open Monday to Saturday
10am - 1pm.
5kms out of Norseman, Mt
Jimberlana is reputed to be
one of the oldest geological
areas in the world. It was also
an important landmark to the
Aborigines of the area. Beacon Hill Lookout and
Walk Trail offers a magnificent
360º panorama of the salt lakes,
Mt. Jimberlana, the town and
surrounding countryside.
Situated approximately 22km
south of the town are Dundas
Rocks, huge granite formations
scattered through the bush that
are some 2,892 million years
old and perfect for exploring.
There is a delightful picnic and
BBQ area set amongst shady
trees that makes it ideal for a
family outing.
A must see are the unique
corrugated iron camels.
Try your luck at fossicking
at the Gemstone Lease or visit
Bromus Dam, an ideal picnic
spot. Phoenix Park displays the
history of mining and miners.
Norseman Visitor Centre
(see advert page 302)
The friendly staff at Norseman
Visitor Centre have a wealth of
information on the local region,
as well as other attractions
around Western Australia and
the Eyre Highway. The Visitor
Centre also stocks a range of
souvenirs, gifts, maps and local
crafts. The staff can also assist
visitors with photocopying,
faxing and TransWA bookings.
They are open Mon-Fri 9-5,
Sat 9-12 & 1-4, Sun 9.30 - 4.00.
The Granite & Woodlands
Discovery Trail
Recent years have seen the
attraction of the woodlands
develop as a tourist attraction
with the Shire of Dundas having
one of the world’s greatest
untouched temperate woodlands.
Travellers transversing the
recently developed Trail which
links Hyden and Norseman will
appreciate some of the beautiful
natural assets the area can
provide. Information available at
the Visitor Centre.