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Explore Town


Mukinbudin offers many interesting historical and natural features, including a gnamma hole and pioneers’ graves at Wattoning Historic site. See the enormous rock water catchment tank at Beringbooding Rock. Close by is Elachbutting with its spectacular colourful wave similar to Hyden’s Wave Rock and the added beauty of ‘Monty’s Pass’, a 40 metre tunnel caused from a rock slide which has become a very popular camping spot for 4x4 wheel clubs and locals and superb wildflowers during the season. Look for the “Silver Princess” growing on Yanneymooning Rock and search for the 33 varieties of orchids and 90 species of birds at Chiddarcooping, Weira and Quanta Cutting Reserves.
The Pioneer Botanical Walk originally opened in 2001 recognising the contribution of pioneer and Aboriginal women. You will find many local species as well as the feature, a rare and useful species section. Extended in 2006 to include exercise stations along a 4.7km walk around town. This should be replaced with … Enjoy the local Pioneer Bush walk which is a recreational walk 4.7kms around town and the local golf course which includes exercise stations, drink fountains and a dogs watering bowl. You will find many local species of flora which flower profusely in spring time.
Mukinbudin Spring Festival & Art Exhibition – Wed 11th to Sat 14th Sept 2013, information