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Mount Magnet

Visitor Centre:
Mount Magnet Tourist Information Centre
Great Northern Highway
Phone: 08 9963 4172
Visitor website:
Gateway to a natural Geo Park of oldest, rarest and the largest rock, Mount Magnet, in the Murchison Region, is built on gold and beginning to reveal secrets of the amazing and diverse rocks under our feet.
Rich reef gold was found in Mount Magnet July 1891 and with mining since that time, is the longest continuous gold producing centre in Western Australia. Today Mount Magnet is the only service centre in the vast outback mining and pastoral region of WA, where you can arrive and depart on sealed roads to all four points of the compass.
A place of rich history, people of the Badimaia language group call this country home. In 1854 Colonial Explorer Robert Austin gave the name Mount Magnet to a nearby hill, after his compass reacted to magnetic rocks. He subsequently named the mount which rises over the township, West Mount Magnet, later renamed Warramboo – and predicted “One of the finest goldfields in the world.” Here, after seasonal rains, dazzling outback wildflowers cover the ancient red earth in one of the world’s oldest landscapes while dark nights reveal awe inspiring star lit skies – attracting visitors from far and wide for a unique Mount Magnet experience.
Mount Magnet Visitor Centre
Located at the southern entrance to town, the new purpose built Visitor Centre with entry into the Mining and Pastoral Museum, offers local, regional and statewide travel information. Stock up with stories of the region, through unique books, gifts, fine artwork, cards and fascinating rocks. Be sure to view the simply amazing Rock Exhibition.
Mining & Pastoral Museum
The new purpose built Mining and Pastoral Museum offers a fantastic experience for the visitor, with an extensive collection of photographs and relics from early pastoral and gold rush eras, showcasing a rapidly vanishing way of outback life.
Wirnda Barna Artists
Indigenous artwork of the Badimaia and Wajarri language groups of this Murchison region are on display and can be viewed and purchased from the Wirnda Barna Art Centre gallery.
Heritage Walk
The short walks highlight the Pioneer, Proclamations and Grand heritage of Mount Magnet from pioneering pastoralists who arrived a decade before the prospectors, to the early goldrush era and modern day Mount Magnet.
Tourist Trail
This 37km self drive adventure takes in gold mining old and new, historic buildings, a ghost town and spectacular breakaway country. Be sure to visit “The Granites” an escarpment approximately 15 metres high formed by the erosion of the soft white granite from beneath a hard red iron cemented capping. When visiting this area be sure to take a stroll and photograph the beautiful seasonal wildflowers, the scenic beauty or simply stop for a cuppa.
The “Ampitheatre” also offers diversity awash with gold in the setting of the western sun lapped by ironstone and quartz this red bluff area sits majestically awaiting the next visitor.
Not to be outdone, Warramboo Lookout offers a panoramic view of the modern landscape, including the Morning Star open cut pit; carved from the earth by heavy machinery revealing the precious yellow gold. A great view of Mount Magnet is to be seen from this vantage point.
Gold is still being found around Mount Magnet! Find your own gold nugget! Mount Magnet offers a great opportunity for visitors interested in gold prospecting. Visit the Department of Mines and Petroleum for your Miner’s Right; (licence to prospect) and maps of detectable areas.
Between July and October an indescribable event occurs in Western Australia. Mount Magnet is fortunate enough to share this. It is the blooming of the wildflowers. Carpets of cream, yellow and pink woven into red earth, iron stone and quartz. Everlastings, pink Shoenias, Parakeelyas, the fragrant Waitzia grow protected by Ptilotus, better known as the Mulla Mulla. The tapestry weaves its way up to the beautiful Eremophila shrubs with felted leaves and delicate flowers, including a myriad of other species, all merging into a tapestry of immense beauty.
• Astro Rocks Festival -
Weekend of 22nd March 2014
• Australia Day Eve Celebrations
• ANZAC DAY Services
• Gymkhana
• Race Meetings
- Autumn and Spring
• Outdoor Picture Theatre
- Seasonal
For information on these and other local events, contact the Mount Magnet Visitor Centre on Tel: 08 9963 4172 or Email: