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Visitor Centre:
Moora Community Resource Centre (or A/H and weekend Gull Service Station)
65 Padbury Street
Phone: 08 9653 1053
Fax: 08 9653 1249
Visitor website:
Moora is located less than two hour’s drive to the north of Perth. It is a thriving town, nestled amongst a diverse range of economic opportunities including horticulture and livestock developments. It is also strategically located between two of the state’s most popular tourism attractions – New Norcia and the Pinnacles.
Moora is situated on the banks of the Moore River. In its virgin state, the area was a large salmon gum forest and many of the attractive trees still remain. Moora has many parks, gardens, heritage buildings and icons.
Army Campsites
Moora played host to a large number of soldiers during World War II. An operational unit was based at Berkshire Valley and numerous other units were stationed around the district.
Moora Wildflower Drive
Moora stands on the junction of two important and very different botanical districts where the underlying geology has produced soil types and so very different plant communities. There are many other attractive routes around Moora for you to discover. A colour brochure is available at the Visitors Centre.
Moora Town Walk
A walk trail leads to Moora’s historic buildings and points of interest. A colour brochure is available from the Visitors Centre.
Moora is on the Painted Road. There are several murals in Moora relating to specific historic, regional and future events.
Carnaby Cockatoo Interpretive Walk Trail
The interpretive walk trail is a stage project. Once completed, the trail will play a major role in educating the local community about the conservation of the Carnaby’s Cockatoo.
Koojan Salmon Gum Reserve Walk Trail
Located 18km south of town on the Moora-Bindoon Road. It is a designated rest stop and offers the traveller the perfect twenty minute break. The trail depicts the significance of the local history, agriculture, flora and fauna of Koojan. A colour brochure is available at the Visitors Centre.
Stack Cooper Reserve
This reserve is a remnant Salmon Gum and York Gum woodland. Stack and Cooper Street’s woodland is of immeasurable value as a place of biological diversity and habitat in a largely cleared landscape.
Watheroo is the location of a 100 year old Station Tavern.
Watheroo National Park & Jingamia Cave
Created in 1955, covering 1634 ha. The park is rich in many varieties of wildflowers. Jingamia Cave is a shady picnic site.
42km east of Moora. The first true wheatbelt town you encounter on the Great Northern Highway. A small but friendly community whose focus is predominately wheat and sheep farming.
36km north of Moora.  The name Watheroo is derived from the Aboriginal word “Wardo” meaning ‘little bird’, the Willy Wagtail, or “Wardoro” meaning water.  This name was given to the spring of water which made this spot centre for man, bird and beast.  The Watheroo Wildflower Drive is well worth a look as it features one of the only patches of E.Rhodantha (Rose Mallee) in the world.