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Monkey Mia

At Monkey Mia, WA’s famous wild dolphins appear regularly to interact with visitors — there is seldom a day they do not visit. Mornings are normally best, as the dolphins are fed between 8am and 12 noon, but they may come in and out all day long. One stretch of the shoreline is designated as the dolphin meeting place and, in this area, visitors are asked to stand no deeper than knee deep. This is plenty of depth for the dolphins to come to you. Outside the designated area, if you wish to swim, the dolphins may join in.

Always allow dolphins to approach you. The rangers at Monkey Mia are there to help visitors and dolphins get the most out of the interaction. Don’t hesitate to ask for their help and advice.
Fish are provided by the rangers and visitors are able to feed the dolphins.
Remember, these are wild animals seeking your company and should be treated with the respect you would afford any wild animal.

NOTE: There is a charge to enter the reserve at Monkey Mia