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Visitor Centre:
Meekatharra Shire Office
Main Street
Phone: 08 9981 1002
Visitor website:
Meekatharra is situated in the Murchison/East Gascoyne region of the State and is a mining town and service centre for the East Murchison.
The name Meekatharra seems to have originated from an Aboriginal name for a water source located to the south west of the town.
Today’s Meekatharra provides a geographically convenient centre for the numerous pastoral stations, established mines and mineral exploration groups to obtain their stores, fuel, parts, postal services and other necessities of life.
Meekatharra was the first town in Australia powered by solar energy. When a solar-diesel power station was built near the town in 1982 it was the largest of its kind in the world, it has since been decommissioned.

Its central position in the State has made the airport an important refuelling stop for light aircraft, in addition to being an alternative to Perth Airport. The huge 2181 metre runway was built by the Americans during the war.
Meeka Rangelands
Discovery Trail
Do you know the difference between a kangaroo and a bigurda? What about the names of the Aboriginal groups that call Meekatharra home? Or how communication was ever possible in these remote parts in the early days?
You can find the answers to these questions and many more along the Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail.
The trail provides a fascinating insight into the history and natural and cultural heritage of Meekatharra along an easy 3km walk around Meekatharra Creek.
The trail also includes the Meeka Lookout, an opportunity to take in the
vast red rangelands and appreciate the beauty of the outback landscape.
The first of three heritage drive trails is now open and enables visitors to discover the European and Indigenous history of the region with a true ‘outback’ experience. The Eastern Loop is the shortest of the trails and tours the town common with sites such as stockyards, State Battery remains, and the Royal Flying Doctor Base.
Meekatharra Museum
Located in the library, the museum contains more than 100 photographs and items of memorabilia of life through the ages in Meekatharra. A locally crafted quilt is on display.. All items have been donated by local people looking to preserve
their heritage.
State Battery
In 1994, the State Battery was relocated to Main Street in acknowledgment of the early prospectors and miners who followed them.
It stands proudly along Meekatharra Creek with other interesting relics
from Meekatharra’s gold mining past.
Royal Flying Doctors Base
The Flying Doctors are synonymous with the outback and in Meekatharra you can tour the base. Now located at the airport and staffed between 8am and 3pm. Learn about the integral role the Flying Doctors play while supporting this vital outback service.