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Explore Town

Marble Bar

Visitor Centre:
Marble Bar Tourist Association
Phone: 0439 950 760
Marble Bar has earned the reputation of being Australia’s hottest town because of the consistently high temperatures experienced during the summer months when the mercury climbs above 38 degrees for days on end. The record is 160 consecutive days of over 38.7 degrees (100 degrees F) recorded in the sweltering summer of 1923-24. In a pleasant contrast the winter months offer visitors mild daytime temperatures and cool nights.
Marble Bar also has a rich and fascinating history to explore and some majestic old buildings that are testimony to the town’s early prosperity. It once supported a thriving population after the discovery of gold in 1891.
Government Building

Built of local stone in 1895 it is still the most impressive architecture in Marble Bar and provides offices for Government Departments.

Marble Bar

An extraordinary colourful jasper bar crosses the Coongan River just west of town. It was this jasper bar that pioneers mistook for marble that gave rise to the name Marble Bar. The clear pool below the bar is a popular swimming hole, nearby is Chinamans Pool.

Day Trips

There are many day trips to scenic spots, some of these are Coppins Gap, Doolena Gorge, Carrawine Gorge, and Glen Herring Gorge. At dawn and at sunset these places are a photographers delight. Local maps are available in town for directions to these and other places of interest.

World War 2 Air Base

Approximately 35kms south east of town, you can still see the remains of one of the best kept secrets of World War 2. The airstrip, crumbling foundations and other relics are all that is left of this strategic secret wartime base.

Town Lookouts

The Water Tank hill is an ideal lookout over the town and surrounding areas. Care must be taken on the narrow track which is suitable for 4WD vehicles. The Horizon Power lookout overlooks the town and the unique solar power station.