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Visitor Centre:
The Great Beyond
Phone: 08 9031 1361
Fax: 08 9031 1361
Visitor website:
Today Laverton has two major gold mines and one of the world’s largest nickel mining operations and also a well developed pastoral industry. The area is rich with Aboriginal culture and history.
Laverton is the western starting point for several 4WD routes to SA and NT. For travellers using the Outback Highway to Alice Springs, Laverton is the last town where you should check on road conditions and fuel availability.
In 1900 Laverton was a booming gold mining town, with the dubious reputation of being the wildest town in the west. The area declined slowly, the last major gold mine was closed in 1957. Fortunately in 1969 nickel was discovered at Mt Windarra which led to the famous Posieden share boom. Unfortunately the Nickel ran out and Mt Windarra is virtually a ghost mine.
Mt Windarra Nickel Mine

Mt Windarra nickel mine, although not open to the public, can be viewed from the top of Mt Windarra.

Historic Police Precinct

Built in 1900 it includes the original police sergeant’s house, the police office and the gaol.

Laverton Outback Gallery

Art and craft on display is made by the local Wongi people. All have connections with the stories and the knowledge of their land.

Statue of Dr Laver and his Bicycle

Laverton was named after Dr Charles Laver who arrived by bicycle in 1896 from Coolgardie

Billy Goat Hill Lookout

There are panoramic views from near the water tank at Hawkes Place