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Lake Clifton

Visitor Centre:
Waroona Visitor Centre
Phone: (08) 9733 1506
Visitor website:
These rock-like structures are a natural wonder and can be seen on the eastern edge of Lake Clifton, off Mt John Road, in Yalgorup National Park. The thrombolite-building micro-organisms are too small for the human eye to see and resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth.
The discovery of modern examples helped scientists to understand the significance of micro-organisms in the environment and to unravel the long history of life on our planet. These organisms were the only known form of life on Earth from 3500 million to 650 million years ago.
The fragile thrombolites are most easily seen in March and April and a boardwalk leads out over the lake for easy viewing.
Facilities include picnic tables, toilets and an information shelter.
Lakeside Loop Walk Trail
A 5km, two hour return walk trail will let you explore the eastern shoreline of Lake Clifton and is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.