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Karijini National Park

Visitor Centre:
Karijini National Park Visitor Centre
Banjima Drive
Fax: 08 9189 8121
Visitor website:
Karijini National Park is WA’s second largest national park, covering in excess of 600,000 hectares.
Millions of years of erosion have created a startling landscape of spectacular gorges, waterfalls and rock pools, providing a striking contrast to the stark red of the Pilbara landscape.

Inside Karijini National Park are several spectacular gorges:-
Hamersley Gorge
Hancock Gorge
Kalamina Gorge
Knox Gorge and Red Gorge
Weano Gorge
Dales Gorge
Joffre Gorge

Oxer Lookout

Where four gorges converge. A scene of breathtaking splendour.

Fortescue Falls

Located in the Dales Gorge, Fortescue Falls is one of the most popular attractions in the Karijini National Park. The Falls are reached by descending a steep trail from the carpark.

Weano Gorge

Possibly the best introduction to the walks of Karijini. There is a relatively easy walk down steps into the gorge to the basin, which is 1 metre wide and 30 metres deep.


Camping is permitted at two sites within the National Park. The Dales campground is managed by CALM and includes gas bbqs, bush toilets and picnic tables. Camping fees apply. The Savannah camp-ground is located near Joffre Gorge and is managed by Gumala Enterprises. Fees apply. This campground has gas bbqs, picnic tables and showers.


Wittenoom located at the mouth of Wittenoom Gorge is 40kms from Munjini (Great Northern Highway) and is located in an area renowned for magnificent scenery, which photographers and artists alike seek to capture.
Enjoy beautiful weather, easy access to inviting pools, an abundance of wildlife and seasonal flowers, short walks and treks with rewarding views or just relax whilst camping, or in well appointed accommodation. An ideal base to explore from.

WARNING: The Health Department of WA advises that airborne blue asbestos fibres are present in and around Wittenoom, and constitute a health risk