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Jurien Bay

Visitor Centre:
Shire Offices
Bashford Street
Jurien Bay could aptly be named the ‘Jewel of the Central West Coast’. It is the centre of a newly formed Marine Park. The town is the largest along this stretch of coast and is very popular as a holiday, tourist and fishing resort. It has beautiful, long, wide beaches protected by offshore islands and reef, safe for swimming, water skiing, sail-boarding, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing (out in the bay and north of the bay).

Jurien Bay is noted not only for its lobster industry but as a great place for large catches of dhufish, snapper, groper, tailor and others by boat. From the jetty, beach or marina groins, young and old anglers spend many rewarding hours fishing. Crabbing is worthwhile too!
Jurien Bay was named by Commodore Nicholas Baudin in 1801, honouring Charles Jurien of the French Naval Administration, who later received the title of Baron Vicomte. In the latter part of the last century wheat, wool, coarse grains, bat manure, manna gum, kangaroo, cattle and horse hides were shipped from the jetty, built in 1885.
The Pinnacles

Pinnacle tours from Cervantes or self drive (includes cars and buses) expeditions are available. A CALM admission fee applies.

Scenic Drives

Up to Tank Hill to the Lions Lookout, Jurien Bay East Road to Black Arrow Road, Cantabilling Road to Munbinea Road.

North Head / Sandy Cape

Camp sites on beautiful rocky bays and beaches suitable for skindiving. 4WD required on some sections.

Wildflower Drives

Jurien Bay East Road and Munbinea Road (in season).

Cockleshell Gully Road Drive

Mt Lesueur and Mt Peron are both great flora areas to explore. Walking tracks are in the National Park.

Black Arrow Road

Track up to Mt Benia, lovely picnic areas and spectacular views inland and to the coast.

Island Point

South of Jurien Bay, a popular beach fishing spot.


Visit the Marina and watch the fishing boats unload their catch. Best around late morning, lunch time.

Jurien Bay Marine Park

Running for nearly 100 km along the coast from Wedge to Greenhead the marine park offers a diverse range of tropical and temperate water species including the Australian Sea lion. Only 20% of the park is closed to fishing.

Mt Lesueur National Park

A thirty minute drive away is Mt Lesueur National Park. The shrub lands have more species per unit than any vegetation site known in the state.
Two hundred of the eight hundred and twenty species have special conservation significance and some are found nowhere else in the world.
An 18 kilometre scenic drive including seven roadside stops enabling safe and easy viewing of flora in the area has recently been constructed.