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Hamelin Pool

Phone: 08 9942 5905
Fax: 08 9942 5989
Hamelin Pool is home to the most diverse and abundant examples of living stromatolites in the world. These creatures are monuments to life on Earth over 3500 million years ago; a time when no other complex creatures were present on the planet. You can visit these stromatolites easily at Hamelin Pool where a boardwalk provides easy access to their marine environment.
Visit the historic telegraph station and close by view the Stromatalites. These living fossils have excited scientists for years and are the oldest, largest display anywhere in the world.
A great spot to stop for a picnic or stay the night en route to Monkey Mia. The entrance road to Hamelin Pool is now fully sealed.
A fascinating historic museum that pays tribute to the regions telecommunications endeavours back in the 1800s. Housing the telegraph station and the old post office, (now the New Community Post Office) you can find out how signals were transported down the telegraph wires to post offices for translation using the morse code setup on display. The museum also exhibits living stromatolites and a large selection of artefacts. Tours daily.
Boolagoorda Walking Track
This walking track commences from behind the Old Post Office. The walk’s key attraction is obviously the stromatolites but other interesting historic sites can be found along the way including the old shell block quarry, a grave and remains of the old telegraph line. Information signs explain the significance of these features.
Shell Block Quarry
Shell block is the material which many of the old Station Homesteads were built as the shell block is a wonderful insulator. The main entrance to the shell quarry is via the rear of the shop at the Hamelin Pool caravan park, just a very short walk to the top of Flag Staff Hill. This is an ideal place to meet other campers for a chat and a few drinks as the sun sets.