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Explore Town


Visitor Centre:
Yougenup Centre
47 Yougenup Road
Phone: 08 9827 1635
The Shire covers an area approximately 5000 square kilometres and is known for its highly efficient livestock and cropping industry The area is noted Australia wide for its Merino sheep and attracts large crowds at the annual Stud Field Days.
There is also the majestic Stirling Range – a growing eco-tourism destination which attracts an estimated 175,000 persons annually, with well known climbing and scenic delights such as Bluff Knoll, Mount Toolbrunup and Mount Trio. Wildflowers abound during the season in the Stirling Range National Park.
The name Gnowangerup is derived from the Aboriginal word, Ngow’, meaning Malleefowl. These remarkable birds build an incubator mound of soil and leaf litter in which the chicks hatch underground. For thousands of years, the plains around Gnowangerup were home to the Goreng Noongars. In the mid-nineteenth century, sandalwood cutters established camps in the Borden area but European settlement was slow until the completion of the railway line from Katanning in 1905.

Gnowangerup is an ideal location to visit or break your journey. An exciting modern playground, amenities and clean BBQ’s are available in the park. Walk over to the Yougenup Centre where the CRC is located, utilise their many services and check out the exhibitions in the Art Gallery.

Gnowangerup’s Ned Kelly connection

Ned didn’t make it to Gnowangerup but rumour has it his daughter did. There’s a 3 metre statue of Ned Kelly right next to the pub today for all the outlaws among us, it’s a great opportunity to have a photograph taken with Ned.

A self-guided tour of the town

Pick up a pamphlet from either the Yougenup Cent

Aylmore Mineral Springs

Aboriginal legend has it that two warriors fought to the death over territory rights and out of the patches of bloodstained earth came two springs of water which flows freely into the Gnowangerup Creek though picturesque wetlands

Machinery Museum

There are ploughs, headers, harvesters, hay binders, a chaff-crusher, corn crushers, a flour mill, sulky, buckboard and many other pieces from different times.

Steam Tractor

Imported in 1889, the tractor was used to clear much of the local countryside and is a well-restored relic of an era long gone.

Gnowangerup Historic Centre

The Centre contains displays, early photographs and a written history of the town and the district. Open Mondays
and Wednesdays 9 - 12pm. After hours contact 9827 1267 or 9827 1371.

Wildflower Reserve

During spring this well-kept secret is a mass of red and white orchids and just about every other wildflower known.