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Visitor Centre:
Exmouth Visitor Centre
Murat Road
Phone: 08 9949 1176
Fax: 08 9949 1441
Visitor website:
In 1967, Exmouth, situated on the North West Cape, was established as a support town for the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station, a joint Australian and U.S.A. Government venture.
Despite being hard hit by Tropical Cyclone Vance on 22 March 1999, Exmouth was soon back in business and better
than ever.
The town is also now in the record books. A record wind gust speed for the Australian mainland, of 267km per hour, was recorded at the Learmonth Meteorological Office. Exmouth has year round perfect weather with no ‘wet season’.
Cape Range National Park
Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park are collectively known as the parks of the Coral Coast. Together, they support a range of unique wildlife habitats from existing ocean reef, to ancient reef, rugged limestone gorges and cave systems.
Throughout the park there are ample opportunities to view wildlife. From emus, euros and perenties to turtles, seabirds, coral and whale sharks.
Ningaloo Marine Park
Ningaloo Marine Park stretches along 260kms of coastline from Coral Bay to Exmouth. The reef system and surrounding waters are home to 220 recorded species of coral and 500 species of temperate and tropical fish.
Here the mighty whale shark can be seen from April to June. Dugongs, manta rays, potato cod, sharks, dolphins, humpback whales and turtles can be found here as well. Ningaloo Reef is a paradise for divers, snorkellers and all those interested in marine life.
Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station
A radio relay station, which passes messages between Australian and U.S. Command Centres and their respective ships and submarines in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. Commonwealth Land is strictly a ‘PROHIBITED AREA’.
Off – Shore Activities
Beyond the reef at the very edge of the continental shelf whale sharks, the world’s largest fish (as long as 12 metres), can be seen from March to July
The humpback whale can also be seen offshore from July to October as they migrate.
Fishing and the North West Cape go hand in hand. Exmouth is recognised as the premier game fishing area of WA.
Whale Sharks
Every year from April to July, following the mass spawning of coral, the world’s biggest species of fish congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park - whale sharks! These massive filter feeders can grow up to 12m long.
Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places they appear regularly in large numbers. The chance to snorkel with these gentle giants is the opportunity of a lifetime, attracting visitors from all over the world. Day tours (open to confident swimmers of all ages) to snorkel with whale sharks depart daily during the season.
Game Fishing
North West Cape is recognised as Western Australia’s most prestigious destination for Game Fishing. Anglers are fortunate enough to have at their disposal a choice of two outstanding fishing grounds. The first of which is Exmouth Gulf with it’s fish rich shallow water, mangrove lined creek systems and numerous shoals and scattered reefs, the second is the West Coast of North West Cape where the fringing Ningaloo Reef is in it self a natural area for premier species such as Marlin & Sailfish.
Vlaming Head Lighthouse
19kms north of Exmouth. Panoramic views of the Cape allow a full view of Ningaloo Reef and whale migration. Originally built in 1912.
Boat Harbour & Marina
2kms south of Exmouth, the marina caters for all classes of leisure craft and includes boat ramps and large parking areas.
Resort accommodation is available.
Kailis Fisheries
Six prawn boats operate in the Exmouth Gulf during the prawning season. Cooked and raw prawns are caught, processed and packed frozen-at-sea, sealing in the beautiful flavour and nutritional value. There are also two fishing boats wild-catching a range of high-end tropical species all year round in the Pilbara water.
Yardie Creek
90kms from Exmouth on the west coast. A spectacular gorge where deep blue waters reflect the multicolour bands in the sheer canyon walls. The gorge abounds in birdlife and colonies of rock wallabies can be seen watching from the rock face. A 1-hour boat cruise is available daily.
Bundegi Beach
One of the nicest and closest beaches to the town. Great beach for swimming, relaxing and fishing. There is a jetty, boat ramp, wheelchair accessible beach matting, fish cleaning table, toilets, showers and kiosk on site.
Charles Knife Canyon Road
23kms south of Exmouth. This road follows the original trail, blazed by Charles Knife and Jack King in the 1950s, to what was then regarded as impossible access to the Cape Range oil drilling site.
There are several lookouts and trails with spectacular panoramic views.
• Shothole Canyon Road
• Mildura Wreck
• Surfers Beach
• Murion Islands
• Navy Pier - one of the top
10 dive sites in the world
• Turquoise Bay - One of the best snorkel sites in the area
• Mangrove Bay -
Bird Observatory Hide
• Pebble Beach