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Visitor Centre:
Derby Visitor Centre
30 Loch Street
Phone: 08 9191 1426
Fax: 08 9191 1609
Visitor website:
The first European to visit King Sound, on which Derby is situated, was William Dampier in 1688. However, it was not until after 1879, when Alexander Forrest led a land expedition to the north of WA that the pastoral industry was established.
The land, prior to European settlement, had been occupied by the Nyikina people. There was conflict between the Aborigines and Europeans during the 1880s when the outlaw ‘Pigeon’ terrorised the countryside. A heritage trail, telling Pigeon’s story, begins in Derby and finishes in Windjana Gorge National Park and the caves of Tunnel Creek.
The Jetty
Derby has Australia’s highest tidal range and the second highest in the southern hemisphere. See the jetty at high and low tide for a unique experience.
Art Galleries
There are numerous Art Galleries in town that feature the work of local artists. Call into the Visitor Centre for more information.
Pigeon Heritage Trail
The story of the Aboriginal outlaw Jandamarra (Pigeon) and his people the Bunuba, is told on this trail, which includes the old gaol, the cemetery and the boab prison tree.
Kimberley School of the Air
Derby is the headquarters of the Kimberley School of the Air which services pupils on remote stations throughout the Kimberley.
The Boab Tree
Adansonia Gregorii is the only species of this genus of ten species that is found in Australia. The ‘boab’ is a deciduous tree, occurring on sandy plains from the Logue River, between Broome and Derby to the Victoria River Basin in the Northern Territory.
Boab Prison Tree
Located 7kms from Derby, just beyond the Gibb River Road turnoff. The Aboriginal and historical significance of this huge tree and the nearby features, such as the longest trough, is told in an interpretive pavillion on site.
The Buccaneer Archipelago
The awe inspiring coastline, north and west of Derby, is best viewed from the air. The unusual natural tidal feature, the Horizontal Waterfall in Talbot Bay, is magnificent when the tides are racing. Further north is the majestic coastline of Walcott Inlet and the Prince Regent and Charnley Rivers. Scenic flights can stopover at Mt Hart and Cape Leveque.
Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek National Parks
Take in the splendour of the Napier Range at Windjana Gorge and the mystery of Tunnel Creek with a fascinating tour of this amazing region. Observe freshwater crocodiles, see the ruins of Lillimooloora Police Station and learn about Jandamarra - a Bunuba tribesman who had a significant impact on early West Kimberley history.
The 750 metre tunnel is entered over some large rocks. A reasonable level of fitness is required for the tour.
The Boabs’ (Derby Golf Club)
The fully grassed golf course which WA professional golfer Terry Gale designed the layout with boab trees framing many fairways and greens. The famous five-fingered Lady Boab can be found in the middle of the 7th fairway.
The course is all grass, flat and suitable for all ages and is the longest in the Kimberley at over 6,000 metres. ‘The Boabs’ will challenge you to a unique experience. Visitors are welcome for a modest green fee.
Waste Water Wetland
An interpretation site and special seats for viewing have been developed at the Derby Waste Water facility. Enjoy the great variety of bird species that utilise this area including ducks, ibis, spoonbills, plovers and migratory wading birds.