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Visitor Centre:
Roebourne Visitor Centre
Phone: 08 9182 1060
Fax: 08 9182 1257
Cossack was home to the North West’s first pearling industry, but due to the over fishing of the Cossack pearling grounds the pearling fleet moved further north to later become established in Broome. This move, coupled with the building of a jetty at Point Samson in 1904 to accommodate larger ships, contributed to the decline of the town.
By WWII there were only a handful of people left in the town and by 1950 it was abandoned altogether.

Today Cossack is managed by the Shire of Roebourne as a tourist destination, offering limited but popular backpackers accommodation. The historic town has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north west. The restored heritage buildings give the visitor a glimpse of what life was like more than 130 years ago.

A visit to the Museum and the Cultural Centre is a must.
Today Cossack boasts eight restored buildings and the cemetery all of which have been listed by the National Trust. The cemetery is located in the sand dunes at the
edge of town.