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Cervantes Pinnacles

Visitor Centre:
PinnaclesPinnacles Visitor Centre
Cadiz Street
Phone: 08 9652 7700
Fax: 08 9652 7711
Cervantes is the ‘Gateway to the Pinnacles’. This small but growing fishing town is named after the island off the coast which, in turn, was named after the wreck Cervantes.
There is a thriving crayfishing industry and the town appeals to anglers because of the wide range of fish which can be caught in the local waters. Recreational facilities include golf, tennis, basketball and bowling.
Nambung National Park
The main attraction of the Cervantes area is the Nambung National Park with its famous Pinnacles Desert. In this area of varying coloured sand there are thousands of limestone pinnacles, which range in size up to 5 metres tall and 2 metres thick at the base.
They were formed thousands of years ago when ancient plant roots formed a weak cementation of calcite within the dunes and have been exposed by wind and shifting sands.
The park is also known for its annual wildflower displays, from August to October, and has an interesting history. Much of the park is rich in limestone caves and native plants and the limestone belt supports extensive heathlands, scattered banksias, stunted gums, low tuart woodland and small wildflowers.
Over 90 species of birds, common to the Swan Coastal Plain, are found in the Park.
Lake Thetis
This lake contains Stromatolites and Strombalites, one of the earths’ oldest living life forms. There is a walk trail of approx 1.5km with boardwalk and viewing areas. The lake has a water level that rises and falls with the tide indicating a possible connection to the sea by seepage through an underground source. The circular mounds are up to 1m in diameter and 40cm in height. The lake water is 1.3 to 1.4 times more saline than normal seawater.
Kangaroo Point
Keep your eyes open for kangaroos it was named after them for a reason. View the wildflowers on the 2km unsealed road (suitable for normal cars) on your way to the point car park and beach. BBQ, picnic areas and toilets are provided for your use.
Hangover Bay
This beautiful bay is a must see for all visitors. Wildflowers are also on display and maybe even some of the local fauna. Clear blue water great for swimming and snorkelling. Sometimes you can even catch a wave off the breakers. Tables, chairs, gazebos, BBQs and toilets are all provided for your use. (Wheelchair Friendly)