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Albany Clydesdales
Description: Albany is about history, wine, beautiful harbours, relaxation and the “Ancient Kalgan River”. Whether you ...
Contact details:
Address: Emu Point
Phone: 08 9844 3177
Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises
Description: Albany Resident “I first went on the Kalgan Queen when she was launched 16 years ago, ...
Contact details:
Address: Swarebrick Street Emu Point WA
Phone: 08 9844 3166
Grove Park Golf Links
Description: This scenic golf course is a must for every golfer, from rabbit to scratch player. ...
Contact details:
Address: 780 Frenchman Bay Rd,Little Grove, Albany.
Phone: 08 9844 4277
Montgomerys Hill
Description: Early explorer, T.B Wilson MD Surgeon RN came up the Kalgan River in a longboat ...
Contact details:
Address: 45805 South Coast Hwy, Kalgan River, Albany
Phone: 08 9844 3715
Fax: 08 9844 3819