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Abrolhos Islands

The Houtman Abrolhos Islands and their surrounding coral reef communities lie 60kms west of Geraldton, and form one of WA’s, if not the world’s, most unique marine areas. They are a complex of islands, reefs and lagoons lying near the shelf-edge off the mid-west coast, between 28 degrees and 29 degrees south.

There are no other coral reefs of this type anywhere in the world and no other communities of marine animals which equate to those of the Abrolhos. The islands score very highly in terms of habitat diversity and species richness with a unique blend of tropical and temperate species.

There is magnificent under-water scenery and considerable potential for the development of nature-based tourism, especially dive tours. Also the site of a thriving rock lobster fishery and has been subject to intensive marine research.

Tours to the Abrolhos are available by boat or by air. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to go “flight seeing” over the Abrolhos for some of the most breathtaking sights imaginable.