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Visitor Centre:
Gatton Visitor Centre
34 Lake Apex Drive
Phone: 07 5462 3430
The Lockyer Valley is uniquely located just an hour west of Brisbane and a little over an hour from the Gold Coast. The region is one of the top ten most fertile farming areas in the world with wonderful dark alluvial soil, good quality water and an ideal climate for agricultural innovation.
Home to so much more than farming and agriculture, it boasts a blend of town and country living with everything from top class restaurants and art galleries to bird watching, roadside produce stalls, horse riding, stunning national parks and bushwalking, all within easy reach.
The region is home to a variety of well-known attractions for all ages, including the Queensland Transport Museum and Spring Bluff Railway Station.
The Lockyer Valley has more than 45 parks and reserves across the region. They are a place of discovery, tranquillity and recreation, with treasures just waiting to be discovered. At Glen Rock Regional Park, bushwalkers can enjoy exploring the basalt ridges and rainforest gorges of Glen Rock.
Gatton is a blend of classic traditions mixed with modern techniques, which is best exemplified at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus, where the facility has been transformed from a traditional agriculture facility into a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art School of Veterinary Science.
Students at the world-class institution have access to exceptional facilities in animal science which includes a Veterinary Medical Centre, Veterinary Teaching Laboratories and a Clinical Studies Centre.
Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre
Construction of the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre at Gatton’s Lake Apex is now complete and the building was officially opened to the public on Saturday November 7 2009. The $12.7 Million Centre will house state-of-the-art facilities including a new library, art gallery, visitor information centre and café, 275-seat conference/meeting room facility.