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Cook's Tours are publishers of Australia's two most popular complimentary Travel Guide Books, both of which are now in their 36th year of publication.

These two guide books are highly commended and sought after publications which help to promote Western Australia as a unique and pristine tourist destination. "Amazing North" guide also profiles Northern Territory and North Queensland tourist destinations in an effort to facilitate the continuing travels of tourists across Northern Australia.

The guides are often described as the Bible in that they provide valuable tourist information including route indicators and distances, maps, photographs, general & historical information, details on specific attractions, accommodation providers, sports, special events and much more.

This myriad of information serves to support Australia as an attractive tourism destination. It differentiates the Northern Regions from the Southern Regions and also provides detailed insights into the various communities that offer quaint and authentic experiences. These small but powerful guides can therefore best be described as the backbone of tourism information for the independent tourist market, including caravanners, backpackers, families and soft adventurers.