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Mimbi Caves

The Mimbi caves system is a series of spectacular cave networks carved through the Lawford Ranges. The spectacular and delicate limestone formations, brilliantly vivid colours and icy cold, crystal clear freshwater pools are all that remain of the Devonian Great Barrier Reef that was formed over 350 million years ago. Mimbi cave system reveals ancient large scale fossilised reefs that are amongst the best preserved in the world.
Your guides Rose and Ronnie invite you to join them on an inspiring guided tour of one of Australia’s most spectacular and significant, natural geological sites. Mimbi caves is a place of deep spiritual significance to the Gooniynandi people as well as being one of the most significant Devonian fossil sites in the world. The history and Dreaming stories of the local Gooniyandi people take on a life of their own when shared deep within the heart of the caves. Along the way your guide will share traditional knowledge of local bush tucker, bush medicine and the native flora and fauna found around the cave system.