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Gascoyne Junction

Phone: 08 9943 0988
The Shire of Upper Gascoyne is one of Western Australia’s most remote local governments covering an area of some 46,602 square kilometres. Its main industries being pastoral, mining exploration and tourism. Gascoyne Junction is a town rich in history and heritage, breathtaking views and some interesting characters. For over 100 years “The Junction” has been a meeting place for local pastoralists and townspeople alike.
Gascoyne Junction is the gateway to the Kennedy Range and Mt Augustus National Parks.
Kennedy Range
Just North of Gascoyne Junction, the Kennedy Range National Park stretches out over 75km in length and is the result of millions of years of erosion where the natural force of winds, rains and movement of the earth’s crust have combined to etch out valleys and create remarkable cliff faces. Rising up to 100 metres above the valley, the Kennedy Range plateau has dominated the surrounding plains for millions of years. With red sand dunes, spinifex, wattle and mallee trees scattered throughout the area this is what the Aussie outback is all about.
There are several walk trails that take visitors through particularly scenic sections of the national park. Visitors in August and September will also be treated with a range of beautiful wildflowers. The national park allows camping in designated camping areas. The Kennedy Range is one of the Gascoyne’s most impressive rock formations and is an ideal day trip option.